I have known and worked with Ross Milliken since 2004, when Ross represented me in my purchase of the Lockwood shopping center in Billings Montana. Ross also represented me in the purchase of a residential investment property that was a short sale and was a very difficult property to close on. Ross has handled close to 2 million in transactions for me and I have always found Ross to be professional, responsive and attentive to my needs as a buyer and to the transaction. In the purchase of the Lockwood property Ross noticed an issue in one of the leases that could have been very problematic if left unresolved. Of all the brokers and attorneys involved in the transaction, only Ross noticed the problem due to his attention to detail. Ross is experienced in all types of properties and knows the market well. I would recommend Ross for your real estate needs whether they be listing, sales or management. Another very important point from my perspective is his integrity and honesty which is extremely refreshing!

Dennis Hemstreet

After spending 17 years as a Realtor in Fort Collins I recent relocated to Mexico and needed to sell a condominium in Fort Collins after leaving. Choosing a realtor when you personally know every Realtor in town is very hard. Ross has an excellent working relationship with the local offices and a real get along attitude, making him the winner. I felt that if the property did not sell quickly Ross could manage it as a rental for me. It did eventually sell, but in the course of selling the property some extensive water damage occurred. In my absence, Ross organized the renovations with the mitigation company and closed the transaction successfully. Also moving out of the country required some extra technical steps, Ross was great.....I highly recommend! "
Gary Denny