Property Owners

Comparative Market Analysis and Marketing

Listing a property with Dimensions is the first step. From then on, we do a free complete market analysis with photos, comparative information with local nearby properties rented recently in the area. We can help you suggest a rent range. Once finalized, we will market your property on our website, also with a sign on the property, online at, and Craigslist. This reaches 99% of the market.

Property Management Clients & Sales

Selling your property that we manage? Should you decide to list your property with Dimensions for sale we will provide you with a discount on the commission.

Tenant Management

Interested potential tenants will receive an info sheet on the property. We then facilitate the showings of your property to those interested parties. Upon receipt of applications from prospective tenants, we commence an extensive screening process to determine the suitability of the applicant for your specific property. Applicants are charged a $50 application fee, which covers a credit report, criminal background report and sex offender search to complete the screening.

Once an applicant has been screened, we generate a lease agreement, which protects your interests from many of the legal pitfalls of owning a rental property in the state of Colorado. The tenant, if found suitable, will then sign the lease agreement and forward to you for your review and signature.


In both the Spring and Fall, Dimensions does thorough inspections of each property. The owners is charged $50 per inspection and is provided both photos and a brief report and recommendations on pending repairs/issues. This protects both you as the owner, and the tenant from potential problems.

Repairs and Maintenance

We do manage maintenance and repairs through third party handyman services when required. We do not currently employ nor hold any on retainer. We employ handymen and repair services on an as-needed basis to limit your costs.

Collection of Rents

Dimensions collects rents from tenants. We also complete a monthly statement, and provide that to you along with your collected rent. We may deposit your rent directly for you, provided that your bank is local or has a local franchise.

Evictions and Non-Payment

Dimensions tries to work with the tenants, but if they are not workable, we can handle evictions. We post the unit with a 3 day notice and proceed with an eviction. We understand that some tenants know how to play the system, and we try to stay ahead of them. If the 3 day notice goes disregarded by the tenant, we turn the eviction over to an agency that specifically handles evictions. There is a clause in our management agreement that covers this, please review our management agreement for more information.