Owner Testimonials

“I have been associated with Ross as a manager, appraiser and real estate broker since the early 2000’s. In 2005, I hired Ross as my manager of my three downtown commercial properties. Two of those properties are mixed use properties combining store front retail, office and residential. One of those two, was the first modern mixed use project in Fort Collins, and the other is an historic property.

As part of Ross’s management services, he provides accounting, leasing (both commercial and residential), vendor contracting, and contractor supervision. Over the years, numerous tenants have expressed that they enjoyed working with Ross and found him to be quick to communicate, understanding of the situation at hand, and professional in his approach to dealing with issues and people.”
Tom Moore | K&M Company and Mawson Lumber

“I am pleased to recommend that commercial property owners in the Fort Collins, Colorado area should strongly consider retaining Dimensions Realty and Management, LLC to perform property management services for their real estate assets, specifically because of the skills, expertise and professional integrity of Ross Milliken, Dimension’s Owner.”
Stephen F. Douglass | Managing Director | Green Courte Partners, LLC

“Dimensions managed the facility for several months and handled a delicate situation very well. They were successful in operation the business on a day to day basis, and they provided good detailed accounting of the operations for the bank. Their good consistent communication with the bank was instrumental in working through that challenging process.

We would highly recommend Ross Milliken and his team at Dimensions Realty for any property management needs you might have.”
Dan Byers | Vice-President | Farmers Bank

“Ross’s incredible adaptability with various tenants has won him confidence, both with me and with the numerous tenants he worked with over the years. His uncanny ability to understand and address the unique concerns of each tenant is remarkable. His flexibility has allowed him to respond to urgent matters in a timely fashion, always keeping tenants as happy as possible. Ross’s great connection with the tenants and relentless perseverance to always make the tenant happy has relieved me, as landlord, of the stresses I had become accustomed to with my previous manager.”
Douglas Gennetten | Windsor