Lease Disclosure

Minimum Qualifications for Residential Applicants
  1. Dimensions Realty and Management Corp, dba Dimensions Realty and Management LLC, does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex,familial status or handicap (disability), ancestry, marital status or creed.
  1. Applicant must make a minimum 3 times the amount of the rent as based on their gross monthly income. Life Insurance, Alimony, and Child Support do not count as income.  Military retirement, social security, and disability are acceptable. If a tenant qualifies with the exception of this income requirement, a qualified co-signer, guarantor will be required and that signer will be equally and fully responsible to the lease.
  1. All occupants over the age of 18 must submit an application and pay the $50.00 application fee. Their credit/job information will not count against the applicants but we do verify background on all adult occupants. An application does require the applicants birth date, Social Security Number and Driver’s License number. Once an application has been processed the application and the associated information is destroyed.
  1. Applicants must have a minimum of 1 year at current employer, or 2 years in the same field of work. If the applicant is a student, a parental co-signature/guarantee will be required (note item 2 above).
  1. Applicant must have a credit score of 650 or higher and must not have collections from previous residences of evictions. Credit score for multiple applicants must average out to 650 per person.  If the tenant is a student the credit score is not as important with a parental co-signature/guarantee will be required (note item 2 above).
  1. Must have at least 1 year of current or prior rental history unless a student or owns/owned prior or current reside
  1. Applicant must not have any felonies for at least 7 years. Individuals who have one or more felonies older than 7 years from the date of application will be handled on a case by case basis.
  1. Applicant must not be a registered sex offender.
  1. Dimensions Realty and Management LLC. Does not participate in the Section 8 housing program, or any other subsidized housing programs.
  1. If there are multiple people applying their qualifications must average out to all the above qualifications. (I.E., 2 people are applying, combined they must make at least 3X the rent, have at least 1 year of rental history or have owned their own home, and an average credit score of 650, etc

If an applicant does not meet these minimum standards, a co-signor who does meet the minimum qualifications is required (note item 2 above).