Office Closed

Notice:  The offices of Dimensions Realty and Management will be closed from May 26 until June 27, 2022. No one from the office will be available.


If you are a tenant in one of the managed properties and you have a plumbing/electrical/heating and/or cooling problem, and the problem cannot wait, please contact the following. All these vendors have our permission to take care of immediate problems that affect the health of the tenant, the use of the property, or the condition of the property. Please do not contact the owners. They are aware that the office is closed.

For heating or cooling issues please contact Gary Hooley Heating and Air 970-493 – 3272. Ask for Dana or Corey.

For electrical issues please contact York Electrical 970-632-0323. Ask for John York.

For Plumbing Issues (not clogged drains) call Kahar Plumbing 970-461-2412 Ask for Regina or Jeff.

For Clogged Drains call Roto Rooter at 970-356-7686, ask for Daisey.

If there is a situation that you need an opinion on, or think may be a simple fix, please contact Rob Caldwell at 970-988-0522. With a few exceptions, Rob is familiar with all the managed properties.

Ross Milliken and Beth Kilpatrick will not be available during this time and will not be answering calls, texts, or emails. We apologize in advance if this situation causes anyone a problem.