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Property Management

Why Work With Dimensions?

Ownership Control

Dimensions will always allow an owner to be as involved as they want to be. Should you desire to merely walk to the mail box once a month and pick up your check, we can manage everything else. We handle everything from A-Z: advertising, showing, write the lease, collect the money, do the walk-through with the tenants. 


I personally oversee your property. If the tenants call with an issue I make the first visit to trouble shoot the problem. If it is a simple fix, such as a stuck garbage disposal or a pilot light on a hot water heater, I complete the fix at the moment and there is no charge. If it is a more complicated fix, I will engage the proper professional or contact you, whichever you prefer. I engage a handyman on an as needed basis for minor issues.


You will note from my personal qualifications that I have an extensive background in real estate. I have been self-employed for almost 4 decades and I understand getting a job done.


Please review the full management agreement for further details.

Leasing & RENT Collection

Dimensions handles all aspects of leasing your properties. This includes advertising, showing, tenant qualifying, move-in/move-out, leasing and evictions.  We deposit your rent directly for you, provided that your bank is local or has a local franchise.

Repairs & Maintenance

Your property can be put on scheduled maintenance if you prefer. Dimensions will work with you if you prefer to be involved in the maintenance and upkeep of your property, or handle it all for you.


In both the Spring and Fall, Dimensions does thorough inspections of each property. The owners is charged $50 per inspection and is provided both photos and a brief report and recommendations on pending repairs/issues. This protects both you as the owner, and the tenant from potential problems.

Evictions and Non-Payment

Dimensions tries to work with the tenants, but if they are not workable, we can handle evictions. We post the unit with a 10 day notice and proceed with an eviction.  If the 10 day notice goes disregarded by the tenant, we turn the eviction over to an agency that specifically handles evictions.


The accounting package provided to you each month along with your owners proceeds check, is unique to Dimensions.  This monthly report shows you the income and expenses for the month along with a year-to-date report. It shows you copies of rent checks, copies of bills, and the checks that were used to pay them, so that you can see firsthand where every penny came from and where every penny went. Copies of the actual service invoices are included so that you may read the actual statements from the servicemen or repairman. The last page of the monthly report is a comments page where I discuss and explain any issues that arose during the month.  Your funds are deposited and managed out of a checking account specifically for each property independently, thus no funds are ever co-mingled with funds from other properties.  Your net proceeds check is mailed to you or deposited for you at your local bank of choice.

Type Fee
Single National Tenant Commercial 5% of gross income
Multi Tenant Commercial 6% of gross income
Single Family/non-student 9% of rent
Single Family/Student 10% of rent
Multi Family 10% of rent

Managed Properties

119 Lincoln

7008 Sq Ft.
Commercial Retail Space

222 Walnut

10,000 Sq Ft.
Commercial Retail Space

232-238 Walnut

10,677 Sq Ft.
Mixed Use/Retail/Office/Apartment/Bar Space

251-253 Linden

4,212 Sq Ft.
Mixed Use/Restaurant/Bar and 2nd floor Office

312 East Magnolia

1,196 Sq Ft.
2-bedroom-2 bath remodeled bungalow residence

420 S. Link Lane

1,163 Sq Ft.
Commercial/Showroom and Warehouse

422 S. Link Lane

1,184 Sq Ft.
Commercial/Showroom and Warehouse

424 S. Link Lane

1,184 Sq Ft.

426 S. Link Lane

1,163 Sq Ft.

454 S. Link Lane

1,453 Sq Ft.
Commercial/Commercial Bakery

514 Wood Street

1,012 Sq Ft.
3-bedroom-1 bath remodeled bungalow residence

708 Kimberly Street

1,467 Sq Ft.
3-bedroom-2 bath Manufactured residence

1230 Patterson Ct.

1,804 Sq Ft.
3-bedroom 2 bath residence w/bsmt apt

1236 Country Club Rd.

2,088 Sq Ft.
3-bedroom 1 bath residence w/lake front

2060 Stoney Hill #80

1,138 Sq Ft.
3-bedroom 2 bath Patio Home residence

3500 Rolling Green Dr.

896 Sq Ft.
2-bedroom 1 bath condominium residence

3815 Steelhead A

1,047 Sq Ft.
2-bedroom 1 bath condominium residence

5014 Northern Lights

1,282 Sq Ft.
2-bedroom 1 bath condominium residence

36452 Hwy 257

1,184 Sq Ft.
2-bedroom 1 bath rural residence