Fort Collins Rentals

Dimensions Realty and Management is a full-service real estate company that provides property management services and brokerage services in Northern Colorado. Dimensions manages a variety of properties in the Fort Collins area, ranging from single-family detached houses for rent to complex commercial properties.

The biggest complaint we hear from new clients about their prior property management company, is that they felt that they were often overbilled for maintenance work and other admin costs. That’s because most competitive companies maintain an internal maintenance staff. That staff must be paid regularly whether maintenance work is required or not.

We Do Things Differently

We charge a flat fee for our Fort Collins rental management services. We do not maintain an in-house staff. We use reliable and local independent contractors to handle our maintenance and repair needs. We do not markup their invoices. We provide a copy of the invoice in the monthly statement as that point of proof. If there is some cost to advertising the rental property, then that cost is passed on. Typically, we put a for rent sign on the property, an ad on the Fort Collins Craig’s List, and an ad on Sometimes there is a nominal charge from those two platforms. There is also a $50 annual fee for inspecting the property. That’s it!

How Does It Work?

Trust that Dimensions handles everything from A-Z. This includes advertising, showings, creating the lease, collecting the rent, and security deposits, and completing a walk-through with the tenants. That walk through is recorded and kept for future reference when the property turns over. The tenants are given a move-out-check-sheet with their lease which shows what is expected of them when they depart.
If there is an issue with a property and the tenant contacts us regarding a repair, we will make a preliminary troubleshooting trip to the property to see if it is a simple fix. If we can complete the fix at the moment, there is no charge. If it is a more complicated fix, we engage the proper professionals or contact the owner for further instruction, whichever approach is preferred.

How Do We Communicate with Owners?

We copy the owner on all communications regarding the Fort Collins rental property and keep owners informed to the degree they prefer.
The management system we use is called: Rentec. Rentec provides all the accounting, lease, tenant, and owner information in one convenient platform, accessible online. The owner’s portal allows the owner to view his/her statements at any time. Owners’-proceed checks are deposited directly into the bank account of the owner’s choice, within the first ten days of the following month, at the latest. The process is virtually paperless. We keep a paper copy in the office as back up. This system gives our owners 24-hour access to their information and we provide IRS form 1099s at the end of each year.

Fort Collins Rentals – It’s best to hire a professional to watch over your house!

We’ve seen it all.  From tenants that leave the property better than they got it… to evictions (thankfully those are rare!)

Please consider Dimensions Realty and Management and let us go all out for you and your Fort Collins house or apartment rental. You make the money and we’ll handle the headaches!

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